Inspiration From My Imperfect Puzzle

Two missing pieces. Those two pieces caused frustration, annoyance and disappointment. But they were also the cause of a big life lesson. As the sign above the puzzle reads, "It is not perfect but it is still beautiful, as are you." Nothing is perfect, not this puzzle, not you, not me and not anybody. But that doesn't mean that we aren't beautiful. Imperfections and flaws along with  talents and strengths are what combine together and make you, you. Your flaws don't make you any less beautiful, they are an essential piece to the puzzle of you. 

We live in a society where beautiful is synonymous with perfect, and if you aren't perfect then you aren't beautiful. This is greatly caused by the immense social pressures, especially in high schools. High school is like its own little world with its own hierarchy. And who is in the top of that hierarchy? The beautiful girls, and in an attempt to get in with the "popular group" all the other girls try to also be perfect and beautiful. This causes low self esteem, eating disorders and a general unhappiness,  when these girls don't manage to attain what society calls "beauty." In reality, those popular girls are beautiful, but so are every other girl in that room. One might be a little heavier, one may have pimples, one may fail all her tests, but that doesn't diminish their beauty. 

Flaws aren't synonymous with ugly just like perfection isn't synonymous with beauty. And as it is there is no such thing as perfection and everyone has flaws. Whether it's a flaw in appearance or lack of a certain talent, everyone has flaws. And everyone is beautiful. Who says that skinny, glossy hair and clear skin makes someone beautiful? And who says any appearance or personality flaw makes someone ugly? I once saw a quote that sums it up perfectly: "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and the most liberating thing is to realize that you are the beholder." No one and nothing can dictate to you whether your beautiful or not. YOU are the only one who determines your beauty. Once everyone recognizes that they are beautiful regardless of what society says, all girls will walk around with their heads held high because they are beautiful. And all social hierarchy in schools will all but disappear, because if it's formed based on beauty and everyone's beautiful then everyone is on the same top level in the hierarchy system. 

Can you imagine walking into school and not being concerned with how you look because you really and truly feel beautiful? It IS possible. But these things don't happen by themselves. Things don't change by chance, but by actions. If each one of us start with ourselves and work on feeling beautiful then we can start a revolution and one day, hopefully our high school utopia will happen.